Altitude :400 m to 1200m
Latitude:29°25'N - 29°40'N
Longitude:78°45' - 78°50'E
Weather:5 °C (41 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F) during the winter and some mornings are foggy. Summer temperatures normally do not rise above 40 °C (104 °F).

Nearest Railway Station (Ramnagar)  :   28 Kms
Nearest Helipad (Ramnagar)  :  28 Kms
Nearest Airport (Pantnagar)  :  129 Kms

Distances to near-by Places

Destination Distances (Kilometers)
Dhangari Entrance and Museum (Corbett) 9
Bijrani Entrance (Corbett) 25
Himalayan view Point 28
Dhikala (Corbett) 38
Jhirna (Corbett) 40
Sitavani Reserve Forest 52
Ranikhet 67
Nainital 90
Almora 107
Ramgarh 115
Mukteshwar 125
Binsar Sanctuary 127
Kausani 140
Patal Bhuvnashwer 200
Auli 280
Delhi 280
Agra 340
Chandigarh 400
Lucknow 480


Air Conditioner
All rooms are air conditioned.

To enhance your experience in the jungle a fireplace is located in rooms. Wood and fuel is replenished everyday during winters on chargeable basis.

Your bathroom has an amenity set. Should you require any extra amenities such as razors, toothbrushes and other personal items, these are available at Reception.

Coffee and tea making facilities
Coffee and tea making facilities are located in your room. Should you require additional replenishment of any items please contact reception.
Also, If you need any special tea (Masala tea, Earl Grey, Peppermint tea etc.) or coffee (Cappuccino, latte, etc.) please contact reception.

Do Not Disturb Sign
Hang the ‘DND’ Sign if you do not wish to be disturbed by general housekeeping.
Please be sure the ‘DND’ Sign is not left on when you go out if you wish your room to be serviced.

The power in India is 240 volts. Please contact reception if you require any adapters or transformers.

Guests are advised to bring sunglasses, hats and cotton clothes during summers. Winters are quite cold.. Please carry warm scarfs, gloves and heavy woolen clothes. In case you miss anything we have a shop at resort where all the basics are available.

Dry Cleaning
Laundry & Dry Cleaning is available. Please place your clothes in the laundry Bag and hand it to reception. Clothes will be returned within 24 hours to your room. Please avoid to hang personal clothes outside your room.

Post & Telephone & Facsimile & Printer & Internet
All these facilities are available in the main lobby. We try our best to provide you with all these facilities in the mid of the reserve forest. Also relax – you won’t get any annoying mobile calls as it won’t be working inside this reserve forest. If you need to contact someone, landline phone at reception is available.

Travellers are advised to drink only bottled water, or filtered water which is provided in all the rooms.. Do not drink tap water

Ice is available from the fridge in your room.

Mini Bar
A mini bar is located in your room and replenished every day. If you have any special beverage preferences please check with the restaurant.

Newspapers & Magazines
Magazines and daily newspapers are available in the Library and Lobby. Newspapers arrive during afternoon. However, you can listen to the news in T.V. room.

Room to room Dialing
Please dial 5 and then the required room number. Should you be unaware of a required room number, contact reception and they will connect you directly.

Hotel stationary is located at the dressing table.

Due to your security, your name and room will not be disclosed to any visitor. Please advice reception if you wish visitors to be directed to your room.

Check-out time
Our Check out time is 10 am. Please notify reception should this not be convenient.

Restaurant is open everyday.

Breakfast              7:00 – 10:00
Lunch                    12:30 – 15:00
Dinner                   19:00 – 22:30

Buffet or Table d’hote menu is served. A la Cart menu is also available and food is cooked to order, given sufficient notice. Please check the menu.

During the months of May to July resort also offers complimentary Mango treat to all its guests. Enjoy the fresh mangoes right from the trees.
If you have any queries please let reception know.

In keeping with Jungle tradition, the resort’s style of dress tends to be relaxed. Believe us, you are not expected to tie a bunch of leaves around your waist!
In the restaurant and other areas, you may feel most comfortable in smart casual attire.

Credit Cards
The Resort accepts Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and BOB Cards.

Currency Exchange
For all foreign exchange inquiries or services, please contact reception.

Early Rising – Reminder Calls
The operator will book a wake-up call for you anytime.
Please advise us if you are a heavy sleeper.

For your added security, we recommend you leave your room key with the reception prior to leaving the hotel.

Lost & Found
Please contact the Manager if you have lost or misplaced your personal belongings.
We regret the Resort cannot be responsible for valuables left in your room.

Taxis can be arranged, please provide us sufficient notice for the service.

A Branch of State Bank of India is located 6 kms from resort.
Other major banks are located in Ramnagar.

Please contact reception to arrange a consultation with the Doctor. For minor injuries First-Aid can be provided quickly within the resort